We are flexible in our camp programs and can design a camp to suit your needs. Examples of camps offered are outlined below.

Expedition Camp

A camp where students move from point A to point B stopping at different locations each night. The length of your trip and activities offered on this camp may vary according to your group needs, budget and choice of location.

Option One: 5 day camp with the following activities each day:

flat water canoe

mountain bike ride



white water canoe

Base Camp

A camp operating from the location of your choice. Activities offered on this camp may vary according to your location. An example of what may be offered follows.

Wilsons Promontory Camp

The Wilsons Prom camp is based at Tidal River. The camping ground has full facilities. The structure of the camp and outline of what is provided and offered can be varied according to the needs of your group and your budget limitations. Day Activities to include a choice from the following activities:

Boogie boarding





Beach Walk – including rockpooling

Rainforest walk


A Koori guide can be used during the walk session to give an insight to the history, environment, and bush food found in the Prom

Evening sessions may include:

Camp games and stories

Spotlight walk

Koori tucker

Initiative games

We are happy to fit in with your expectations and needs for any camp, please simply let us know your requirements.