Survivor Expeditions

A step away from the routine of our daily lives, this environment is constantly changing thus providing us with a unique mode of breaking up habitual patterns of thinking and behaving. Your team will be stimulated to a new perception on life, the benefits of which will not only be evident in the workplace, but also on a personal level.

We will customise the programs to suit the needs of your group, the types of activities in which you are interested and the length of time you have available to participate. Activities may change from day to day or you may decide to stick to the one challenge for the entire duration. Choose from canoeing, skiing, mountain biking and bushwalking. Aspects from the high ropes course may be incorporated into your program depending on the location.

For a genuine survivor expedition, you may choose to go with our rewards system. You complete the challenges set to gain the right to take your basic equipment and foods. Further challenges may result in the luxury items such as torches, soaps and chocolate. This incentive scheme has fast and extreme outcomes as people come to terms with a lifestyle they have to work for. You choose the focus of your own expedition whether this be team building or problem solving or perhaps fun and personal growth. Whilst tough and challenging, your safety is assured with highly qualified staff and back up vehicles.

Intended Outcomes:

Personal growth

Group Cohesion


Team Building





Anywhere from between 2 days to 2 weeks


We are very flexible moving throughout Victoria, but most programs are focussed in Gippsland.